urine test for
prostate / bladder cancer

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NuView Diagnostics has developed a proprietary genomic urine screening test, NDX-VPAC1™, in which pilot data has shown to be highly accurate in binding to shed cancer cells confirming the presence of disease in men prior to undergoing a surgical biopsy. Potentially a screening test as well, over 1 million unneeded biopsies could be prevented saving over $3B a year. Other cancer cells identified in urine studies to date also include shed bladder cells a first of kind test for the early detection of bladder cancer.
"We need a better screen, obsession with PSA has delayed research progress"


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Lab scientist working with medical samples and centrifuge

Centrifuge Sample


Cancer Blooms Under Microscope

Publication on Urine Assay Targeting VPAC1

To validate a hypothesis that prostate cancer can be detected
non-invasively by a simple and reliable assay by targeting
genomic VPAC receptors expressed on malignant prostate
cancer cells shed in voided urine.

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